Vision & Mission


IPAN Ltd envisions a continent of inspired, motivated, empowered and proactive individuals and corporations who take positive actions every moment of their lives, culminating in a prosperous and better world.


IPAN Ltd’s mission is to provide our stakeholders with a mega platform to discover and nurture their potential and to reach out to the world by taking positive actions now and always in their lives and environment for better lives and a better world. IPAN Ltd is tapping into a huge and new market with a very innovative and sustainable approach.


IPAN Ltd has as aligned with its vision and mission, set out to become a leading global company with a mega platform for coaching, training, motivation and transformation through the following objectives:

  • Build an innovative and sustainable mega platform for coaching, trainings and mentorships in the non exclusive areas below:

  • Personal Development

  • Leadership and Team Building

  • Women and Youth Engagements