About Us

Beyond a consultancy and capacity building firm,  IPAN is a Corporation that provides individuals and corporates with prerequisite tools, needed to discover, define their inner purpose, tap into their hidden potentials and provide them with development opportunities that will empower them to take positive actions now of the betterment of their own lives.

At IPAN, we envision a continent of inspired, empowered and proactive individuals who take personal responsibility of their lives and corporations, culminating in a prosperous and better world.


  • Personal Development

IPAN puts at your disposal essential tools that enables you improve your self-identity and awareness. Our coaching session’s help our clients identify, develop their inner potentials and talents. We contribute in building human capital and facilitate employability. This we believe goes a long way in enhancing the quality of our client’s life and contribute to the realization of their dreams and aspirations.


  • Leadership Consultancy


An Overall Methodology to Transform Your Organisation

The world is constantly changing same as your organisations. We bring to you a systematic transformation that goes beyond heroic leadership, a momentous strategy, or a re-arranged organizational chart to succeed. We deal with the entire structure, the organization, its strategy, the leadership and entire procedures.

At IPAN, we designed and deliver a systemic approach to organizational transformation. With our approach, your organization will understand where you are, determine where you are going, and identify the areas you need to build on.  We will put at your disposition the organization design that can get you to where you have to. And we will build your team to be the team to take you there.