Developing the Right Attitude

Do you feel defeated by life? Do you think it is not worth any more trouble? Do you feel no one understands or appreciates you? Do you fear the unknown or any new endeavour? Are you more apt at seeing the things which may go wrong instead of even the one great thing which may go right? Do you always worry and whine about all you don’t have and forget to be grateful for the several blessings you have? If your answer to one or more of the above is yes, then we are looking at attitude. Attitude more than aptitude can make or mare our lives. Join phenomenal Marie Abanga this Sunday on our regular IPAN sessions so we discover tips to developing and keeping a positive attitude. Spread the word, invite your friends. Pass 1000 frs, venue to be disclosed. Marie will in her usual candour and cheer share with us tips and of course some from her own attitude transformation journey to seeing, thinking and feeling life the way she currently does. It is all about inspiring positive actions in our lives now. RSVP: 698914754 thank you

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