Why the Rich get Richer and the Poor go Poorer?


Coaching by the Guru himself

On Sunday 11th June 2017, Inspiring Positive Action co-founder and C.O.O Sidoine Felix Leudjie is going to share with us all 10 reasons why we are not yet entirely successful and why the Rich get Richer & the Poor go On Poorer.

Read on to find out why The Guru has taken on this topic with passion

Haven gone through lot of challenges especially financial unrest for some years in my life. I got interested in the study of success. I wanted to understand why some people are successful/rich while others are not. And the most striking fact about success which I got to discover is that, if you study successful people and do what they do, you will be more successful and if you study people who have failed and you avoid doing what they have done you won’t be a failure.
Success and financial freedom all begins with clarity. One needs to be crystal clear about that which you want in life and I unusually advice it must be appealing to your purpose. Being clear about what you want and it will help you in making the right decision, develop a vision as well as set clear specific high goals which will help you reach your big picture (vision). Over the years I have discovered that all successful people I have talked to and read about, had committed to become excellent in their chosen field. No doubt the market only pays for excellence. For you to attain excellence in any choosing filed you need to be passionate about that particular field and then it will only get better. The good thing about excellence is that, it is a journey with no destination. You never get to excellence, so you keep working on yourself every day, every day “PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT”. Do your best every time out and always strive to do it better. Remember that excellence yields opportunities. Most often you can only attain excellence in a job you are passionate about. So do not remain in job you don’t like. Go in for what you love and do not do it for money, commit to give the best every time out and money will chaste you. 

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