Turning Challenges Into Opportunities and Thriving

Have you ever been faced with so many challenges in life you didn’t know what to do ?
Have you at any point thought life wasn’t worth living any more ?
Have you wondered if opportunities were never going to come your way ?
Have you tried and failed turn your challenges into anything other than pity stories and mere medium of survival ?
This Sunday June 4th 2017, we will continue our discussions on personal development with a Phenomenal VIP Keynote speaker. The mother of the phenomenal Marie Abanga herself. Please, let her brief profile below serve as sufficient marketing for the event. The pass will stay at 500 frs to give each and everyone of us an opportunity to listen and exchange with this dynamic woman of great faith. 

Bibiana MBUH TAKU is the Founder and CEO of Diversity Management & Consulting Limited (DMC Ltd)
She is a Master trainer & Instructional designer/Agribusiness curriculum developer
Professional Associations and Social Groups
IFC Business Edge Master Trainers network
IFC Africa Business Edge Trainers
Certified IFC Business Edge Trainer
Groupement des Femmes d’Affaires du Cameroun (GFAC).
Helen Atabong Asaba’s Foundation for Diabete, Women‘s Emancipation & the Empowerement of the Girl Child
Gabriel Bebonbechem Foundation for Epilepsy & Mental wellbeing

She is based in Cameroon and has had professional experiences in Benin, Burundi, Rwanda, Cote d’Ivoire, Togo, Nigeria, Mali & Senegal and a few european countries like Holland.

She started out her professional career in 1983 with the then American Life Insurance as an Assistant Underwriter and Claims, navigating her way through Pecten Cameroon, going back to school to attend ENAM and graduate as an Treasury Inspector, occupying different positions of responsibility with the Ministry of Finance, returning to Pecten Cameroon, leaving and going to work with Plan International as the Chief Operations Officer, returning once more to the Treasury in Douala, then Pecten Cameroon again right up to her voluntary retirement to set up her Consulting firm in the year 2009.

On a personal note, Ms Taku Bibiana is a dynamic single mother of 3 women the second of whom is Barrister Multipreneur Marie A. Abanga; her only son and was called to Glory in August 2014. The Gbm Foundation for epilepsy & mental wellbeing set up in his memory greatly helped and helps her deal and heal from the pain & tremendous hurt of such a loss. She has written several articles, been featured in magazines and been a guest and VIP panellist on shows for various causes she is passionate about.

It is a great honour for us to have her as keynote speaker on Sunday the 4th of June 2017 as she talks to us on the theme: Turning Your Challenges into Opportunities and Thriving.

This discussion is not to be missed, we will listen and learn with Ms Bibiana Taku, and Marie (sure like mother like daughter), will also share us some of the biggest lessons she learnt from her mother which have helped her thrived in her right.

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