Developing the Right Attitude

Do you feel defeated by life? Do you think it is not worth any more trouble? Do you feel no one understands or appreciates you? Do you fear the unknown or any new endeavour? Are you more apt at seeing the things which may go wrong instead of even the one great thing which may go right? Do you always worry and whine about all you don’t have and forget to be grateful for the several blessings you have? If your answer to one or more of the above is yes, then we are looking at attitude. Attitude more than aptitude can make or mare our lives. Join phenomenal Marie Abanga this Sunday on our regular IPAN sessions so we discover tips to developing and keeping a positive attitude.  Continue reading “Developing the Right Attitude”

Building Self Confidence

Do you have challenges with Self-Confidence??

Don’t worry!! We have what it takes to build your Self-Esteem.

You are invited to be part of this other exciting session on “Building Self Confidence”, brought to you by Inspiring Positive Actions Now ltd.

Sidoine Felix M. Leudjie “The Guru” will help you with practical tips to help you build a strong and winning Self-Esteem.  Continue reading “Building Self Confidence”

Entrepreneurial Self Leadership: Key to Consistent Growth

We have secured mindful of his hectic schedule, the young, dynamic, determined and disciplined Social Entrepreneur and Certified Business Management and Entrepreneurship Trainer Javnyuy Joybert, as our distinguished keynote speaker for Sunday 18th of June 2017. He will be taking on the topic: Entrepreneurial Self Leadership key to consistent Growth. At the pass of 500frs only, you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity. Thank you @ Javnyuy Joybert, we will rally our friends and family and will listen attentively as you passionately share with what has been your true north in your over a decade of entrepreneurship. Please read his profile and decide if you will be counted:  Continue reading “Entrepreneurial Self Leadership: Key to Consistent Growth”

Turning Challenges Into Opportunities and Thriving

Have you ever been faced with so many challenges in life you didn’t know what to do ?
Have you at any point thought life wasn’t worth living any more ?
Have you wondered if opportunities were never going to come your way ?
Have you tried and failed turn your challenges into anything other than pity stories and mere medium of survival ?
This Sunday June 4th 2017, we will continue our discussions on personal development with a Phenomenal VIP Keynote speaker. The mother of the phenomenal Marie Abanga herself. Please, let her brief profile below serve as sufficient marketing for the event. The pass will stay at 500 frs to give each and everyone of us an opportunity to listen and exchange with this dynamic woman of great faith.  Continue reading “Turning Challenges Into Opportunities and Thriving”

IPAN’s First Event: Lady 2 Lady with Phenomenal Marie Abanga

Lady 2 Lady inspiration

Inspiring Positive Actions introduces a maiden talk with its co-founder the Phenomenal Marie A. Abanga

Have you ever felt lost at what your worth, esteem and purpose in life are?

Have you ever suffered shame, humiliation, abuse and other heartaches in life and don’t know what to do?

Have you ever struggled with womanhood, motherhood and even wifehood, and don’t know where to start again?

To all you ladies and sisters, stop worrying because I have been there and now on the other side. I can help you take stock of your life and start on your journey to transformation. Continue reading “IPAN’s First Event: Lady 2 Lady with Phenomenal Marie Abanga”

Welcome – Bienvenue – Karibu – Hallo


It is all about inspiring positive Actions Now

Welcome to IPANow Ltd, a  Mega Platform for coaching, training, worshops, conferences and congresses, a platform for learning, sharing, networking, inspirations and motivations aimed at ushering transformation through nurturing the individual to tap withing themselves and take positive actions now. It is a venture of and by like minded people from across the globe. Our registered offices are in Buea South West Region, Cameroon and we work with a dynamic global team championed by our visionary co-founders Phenomenal Marie Abanga and The Guru Sidoine Felix Leudjie.